Vermont Education

Mission Statement

Our mission is to transform science, math, and technology education in Vermont by dramatically increasing the science and math skills of all Vermont students to very high standards, and to ensure the ability of all Vermonters to pursue scientific and technical careers.

A Brief History

We were established in 1992 with a Statewide Systemic Initiatives grant through the National Science Foundation. As the first five years of the program drew to a close, we were one of three states recommended for a five-year continuation award. With this assistance, we continued and deepened its work building capacity throughout Vermont for high-quality science and mathematics education for every student. In September 2002,we became a partner in a new organization.

We are dedicated to transferring the skills it has developed to schools, teachers and other Vermont educational organizations so that every child is prepared for a future that will be increasingly full of science and mathematics. Our ability to make a significant impact is greatly enhanced by the cash and in-kind contributions of hundreds of businesses, foundations, school districts, and individuals.

Staff List

A current staff list can be found here on our website. We are led by Milwaukee SEO professional IAMPAULJAMES.

Professional Development Lab Program

One of the goals of the Professional Development Lab program is to foster a culture that supports the school as a professional learning community and to build a positive partnership between lab teachers and their administrators. Thus principals are included in selected training and support sessions.

To find out more about visiting a professional development lab classroom, or to learn more about this model for leadership and embedded professional development within a school, you may contact us. 

Our students are also focused on developing websites in foreign languages, the latest being sweden. See: